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    To book trips to Bhutan and for processing visas, one has to pay 500 USD per day per client (300 by Tour Operator for the package and 200 by the State Exchequer). The 200 USD is the tax that goes directly to the State as per the new revised Tourism Policy by the State. It was amended by the Parliament sitting of May 2022 unanimously. This is the packaged price that includes (American Plan) lunch, dinner, breakfast, SUV car, star rated hotel accommodation, guide, see off and pick up from the airport. An additional 40 USD surcharge per day per client has to be paid if the client numbers in a group are less than 3 at a go. If in a group, the clients are more than 3, then 450 USD per day applies accordingly, depending upon the peak and lean seasons. The additional 40 USD visa fee as one time fee is also required.

    For the trekking, the minimum sustainable daily fee is USD 800 per day per client. This cost is because, we need to hire pack animals like yaks or ponies, cooks, tents etc. The hot meals will be served with hot water bag if the trekking is in cold season.

    The peak season months are September, October, November, February, March and April. The cost for this would be 500 US dollars per day per client. An additional 40 US dollars should be included for visa as one time fee for both for peak and lean seasons. The client has to pay the full cost according to the number of days they wanted to be in the Kingdom. The the clients can book a trip, depending upon their interests like – cultural tour, trekking tour, pilgrimage tour, educational tour, bird watching etc…!! The money should be electronically wired – where our Company’s State bank – BHUTAN NATIONAL BANK has US dollar account base in NY, USA. The money deposited in NY, USA, will automatically be transferred to Bhutan National Bank, Kingdom of Bhutan. The Bhutan National Bank is the State (Government) owned Bank in the Kingdom.

    The fee for transaction or wiring the money from the host country of the client to the Tour Company in Bhutan should be borne by the clients as well. The client should send the scanned colour copy of their passports for processing visa along-with the total cost of the packaged tour. PLEASE note that to visit Bhutan, the validity of the passport should have minimum of 6 months before its expiry. The clients with passport validly less than 6 months will not be entertained for visa application as per the requirement of Immigration Law of the Kingdom.

    The processing of visa and other relevant documents would take at least 15 working days. The copy of the electronic-visa will be sent to email address of the clients. That copy once printed, should be produced to any Druk Air (Bhutan Airlines and Royal Bhutan Airlines) offices that has flights coming to Bhutan from various destinations or port of entry to Bhutan. As of now, the national flag carrier (Druk Air/Royal Bhutan Airline and Bhutan Airline) have flights into Bhutan from Bangkok, Delhi, Calcutta, Dhaka, Mumbai, Kathmandu and Singapore.

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